Lansdowne Activities


Many activities are there to keep itself busy in Lansdowne like:

Activities in Lansdowne :

At that time we went to Sunday villa and we stayed their. To make our stay comfortable we were provided hospitality. The weather was cold in morning and in night too, but it was quite pretty hot in day time and it didn't make us to miss Delhi.


Nature Walk :

To enjoy much and have a enthralling stay at Lansdowne is to have nature walk.You can go and enjoy at Tiffin top, near the supply depot, and even stroll around to the snow view point, from the above of the state bank of India branch.


Bird Watching :

As Lansdowne is too close to sona Badi division of Corbett National park which makes that a loveable and a good bird watching area as well.Around 600 species of birds are there which move on to Lansdowne every year. It will be a beautiful site to see colourful birds forMing a spectacular plumage in the sky.


Trekking :

Trekkers describe Lansdowne as heaven, for sure, with the hill station providing what oppurtunities for hiking.ayou can go in simple treks which are last for an hour or you can choose for that last for a couple of days.


Some of the trekking trails:

You can go to see the waterworks also and the Malini Barrage , which is not too much far just a km away from the GMVN rest house.

There is a one more trek from Kala ghati, which is a small junction which takes you to bifurcation.

If you have time, so visit Pauri (82 km from Lansdowne) and also to the Kandoliya Debra temple, by which you will gat an awesome view of the beautiful Himalyan peaks and the spectular Gangwarsyun Valley.


Wildlife :

In Kalagarh wildlife Sanctuary the large stretch of wilds will be rightly cater to your interest, and it will absolutely make this trip good experience. Cool and subtle atmosphere will act as a, boon till stimulating you craving from adventure.

Being a hillstation you can't explore many places but some places are there which you will not mind checking out. If you don't want to go in rush and you are waiting for places where not much crowd is,then the best place for you is serene natural beauty and if you want any other choice so you can go ahead and can visit some regular hillstations.


Lansdowne hill station provide some treks into the hillside but there is no shopping and fancy eating out here

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Lansdowne has many activities related tour tourism include trekking, bird watching, Nature walk, Romantic point and many other more. Lansdowne hill station provide some treks into the hillside but there is no shopping and fancy eating out here are many options for outdoor activities in Lansdowne including wildlife, trekking and nature walk.


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